Bone Shaped Dog Pillows

To say we loved our dog Bailee is an understatement. We adored him for 13 years and still miss him to this day! He inspired me to make dog pillows and I’ve been evolving the design ever since. I was surprised when Bailee didn’t destroy his pillows but actually used them to rest or carry around proudly knowing it was HIS pillow. See all the happy dogs with their pillows below! 


Dog Bone Pillow Instructions

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  • 1/2 yard of soft, flannel fabric. I always get two different fabric styles to make it two-toned.
  • Wash and dry before use.
  • Choose your design. It can be a rectangle, square or a bone shaped pillow (shown in picture above).
  • I cut out my fabric and sew with right sides facing each other, leaving a gap in order to stuff pillow later. I sew twice around the edges to ensure double security.
  • Turn right side out, iron press.
  • Top stitch for extra security and a nice, finished look. 
  • Stuff pillow with Fiberfil and hand sew or stitch through machine. 

Bailee on the move and proud of his pillow ownership.