30, Flirty and Broke

First things first, who is Jenni & Stitch? It’s me! My brothers, cousin and uncle coined the nickname, Jenni, and it’s stuck ever since. I named my business after it and to keep it consistent, I’ll refer to my recipes and products as such. Phew, glad we cleared that up! Now, for the inspiration of my blog, Thirty, Flirty and Broke.

The anticipation of my 30th birthday was a long time coming. Being an old soul at heart and excited to see my 2o’s in the rear view mirror, had me hopeful for my third decade. After all, that’s when we all become Thirty, Flirty and Thriving, right?!

If you’re thriving or hoping to be soon, this blog will help you reach new heights! As a counselor by day and cook/crafting machine by night, this blog will feature three main passions of mine: Healthy Mind, Nourished Body and Handmade Gifts. And most importantly, navigating all three on a modest budget. 

I’ve been able to travel, live in several different cities and obtain my masters with a nonexistent savings account. It’s possible to do it all; however, it’s not easy! I’ve been able to travel by doing one important thing: resisting the modern conveniences that tempts us all. I just bought my first smartphone at the age of 30, I eat out maybe once a month and 85% of what I own are gifts, garage sale/thrift store finds, or hand me downs. And of course, my devoted parents who have accepted their millenial children and all their challenges with open arms, grace and no complains-love you both dearly!

Traveling and experiencing the world is great, but not an everyday reality. I’ve found cooking and crafting has a therapeutic outlet for me, giving me purpose and direction when life throws me for a loop. I hope this blog inspires you to get into the kitchen or strike up a hobby that brings you joy, happiness and purpose. And if you’re struggling to achieve your goals or start a healthier life, these tips can help guide you in the right direction. Cheers to a Healthy, Balanced and Thrifty Life!