Chai Maca Energy Gluten Free Cookies

Hosting Book Club meant I could test out a new recipe! Insert these Chai, Maca Cookies that are both delicious and healthy. First taste tester was my brother and he approved but he is open minded to my healthy baking. Therefore, my bigger challenge would be convincing my other friends cookies can still be satisfying […]

Gluten & Dairy Free Maca Chocolate Chip Cookies

My obsession with sweets has been a problem my whole life. The expression “too rich” was never on my radar. After changing my diet and removing most refined sugar out of my life, I finally understood what “too rich” meant. I still crave sweet treats but my taste buds have altered. These cookies fill my […]

Gluten Free & Sugar Free Cacao Banana Brownies

My friend just started a local Homeless Period Project Chapter and has been so gracious with hiring me to bake some sweet treats for the project. I made these Cacao Banana Brownies and Maca Chocolate Chips Cookies for the latest event. Instead of following someone else’s recipe, I wanted to try my own. After a […]

Gluten, Dairy and Refined Sugar Free Cacao Fudge No-Bakes

I’m obsessed with no-bake cookies! Anything that eliminates the guessing game of baking is a winner in my book. These are the healthier option to “normal” no-bakes because these cookies are free of gluten, refined sugar and dairy. The perfect combination if you have a diva stomach like myself. Enjoy!   Health Benefits:  Cacao Powder […]

Gluten Free, Paleo, Banana Vanilla-Chai Protein Muffins

Weekend trips to visit my parents always turns into salvaging food on the brink of trash status. More food for me and a great way to experiment at no cost, thanks mom and dad! These muffins were inspired by my last visit. What I like most about this recipe is the simplicity! 2 bowls, 10 […]