Vision Board

I love Vision Boards because it gives you focus, purpose and direction for the immediate future or years to come! For example, I have my half marathon time on there (1 hour, 59 minutes) that I hope to achieve this year. Sixth times a charm! I understand, and trying to accept, that adorable puppy and baby are not in my immediate future. However, it keeps my eye on the prize and reminds me I need to save in order to afford a dog and adopt a child in the near future. 

I love snail mail! I keep almost every card I’m given because I’m a sucker for sentimental and I use them in my crafting projects. The flowers I incorporated throughout my board was a card given to me from a friend. “Much love and happiness” text insert on my board was written by my mom in a note to me she sent earlier in the year. These little touches add another element and sentiment to the board. Get creative and have fun! 

Vision Board Materials

Save Print

  • Magazines (donated are the best for no money down!)
  • Old Cards (I like using these for their personalized messages and content)
  • Cardstock Paper (works best but any paper will do)
  • Goals, goals, goals (brainstorm what you want out of this next year)
  • Binge Watch Your Favorite Show while working on it!

2 thoughts on “Vision Board

  1. I love that you love cards!!! There is nothing better than a sentiment or message that is tangible and real. Love the blog, keep it up. Also, come dig in my basement when your vision board supplies get low 😉

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