Thrifty Nifty Gifts

Sewing and knitting has been a therapeutic outlet and creative hobby of mine for over 15 years.

Artistry runs for generations in my family (i.e. my Dad is a very talented woodcarver and water colorist, grandma was a water colorist, brothers are painters, etc. etc.). Although sewing and knitting on the weekends might seem a bit on the “grandma” side, I embrace my inner “abuela” (a.k.a. my nickname when I lived in Spain). No longer embarrassed but proud, I embrace the title because my old world soul is reflected in all aspects of my life and transcends into my art you will see throughout the blog.

My love for classic and timeless style is reflected in all my creations but never at a costly price. I am resourceful in my designs by reusing clothing, fabric remnants and/or donated fabric to turn leftovers into functional art. A majority of my fabric samples are remnants; therefore, each product is unique to only the buyer and not mass produced. I try to live simply and reduce waste in my personal life and I am proud this is reflected in my handmade creations.

Gift giving is one of my love languages and a way I express my love and appreciation for family and friends. My love for gift giving and my frugal budget go hand-in-hand. With all the birthdays, house warming parties, baby showers, weddings and more, it’s good to have a budget plan for all the gifts! Don’t show up empty handed, instead show up with a unique handmade gift. Check out the tutorials for ideas or shop the site for a quick and easy purchase that your loved one will cherish.