Not Your “Standard” Shabby Chic Pillowcases


Super Standard Size Pillowcase: Measuring 28 in. (length) X 20 in. (width) including ruffle trim. The mixing of patterns, ruffle hem and the yellow, bias tape Piping adds that extra pop of shabby chic. See below for tutorial or if you are interested in purchasing, please use Contact Page for inquiries. 

Items Needed: 2.5 yards of fabric, thread and bias tape maxi piping. 

Shabby Chic Pillowcase Instructions:

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  • Wash & Dry Fabric. 2 yards for Main Pillow Case (floral pattern) and 1/2 yard for Hem/Trim (blue stripes)
  • Cut the Main Pillow Case @ 26 in. (length) X 21 in. (width). 
  • Cut the Hem fabric @ 58 in. (length) X 10 in. (width). 
  • Then fold the Hem fabric in half length wise (right sides facing on the inside) and sew along the edge, combining both sides. Turn right sides in and iron press. 
  • Create a Ruffle with Hem Fabric. Without backstitching-you sew a straight line, leaving a lot of thread at each end. Use that excess thread to pull both sides of the string to create a ruffle. 
  • Line up for Bias Tape, Main Pillow and Hem and sew along edge. Double stitch for extra strength. 
  • Sew along the edges (right sides facing inward). Sew edges until you have a finished body of 28 in. (length) X 20 in. (width).
  • Turn inside out and celebrate because you just made an adorable, Anthropology-worthy pillowcase!

Lovely thank you from a happy customer! 🙂