Freezing Tofu

I like Tofu but don’t LOVE it. However, I do enjoy a tofu stir fry or curry from time to time. In order to maximize my budget, I use one tofu block for two different meals. Utilizing half for the current meal I’m making and then freezing the other.

Freezing Tofu
Servings: 1 Meal
Author: Jenni & Stitch
  • 1/2 Block Extra Firm Tofu
  1. First squeeze out excess water. I use heavy books while paper towels surround the tofu. Press for a couple minutes or until some water is released. 

  2. Cut into thin strips or blocks. 

  3. Place on parchment paper and put in freezer for 1 hour or until frozen. 

  4. Add to freezer bag and enjoy at a later date!