What the Heck Do You Eat?

“What the heck (and other choice words) do you eat” is the most common phrase I hear when I tell people about my food allergies. After finding out last year I was allergic to gluten, yeast, sugar, dairy, lettuce, mushrooms, cranberries, bananas, grapes and sesame, I was shocked and relieved at the same time! Finally I had some proof for my numerous stomach problems. I’ve been tested for diabetes, gone to several doctors but no relief. Shout-out to my friend, Dr. Laura Rues, whose allergy test helped me find some much needed relief! 

The night I found out I was allergic to the laundry list of items, I was already meeting up with friends for drinks. I knew beer was out due to the gluten and yeast content, hard liquor was not my thing, so it had to be red wine. I love red wine, so all was well until my friend reminded me that wine is made from grapes. Whoops! I knew right then and there, I had a lot of learning to do about my allergies and it was going to be an interesting road ahead.

Luckily, after 3 months cold turkey, I was able to start reintroducing some items back into my life. Sesame (a.k.a. hummus-my main squeeze) was good and beer on occasion. However, my love for red wine will still take a back seat for now along with dairy and gluten. One year has passed since I’ve changed my eating “lifestyle” and my taste buds have changed, my energy level has increased, weight maintained and cavity free (which is a triumph for me and my sweet tooth). Some epic fails but also major triumphs have happened in the kitchen as a result. Therefore, my blog will focus on allergy friendly and budget friendly meals to help you jump start a healthier lifestyle. 

In addition, to all my lovely single friends out there, I have a special blog titled Table for One. It’s not always the most fun to cook for yourself and eat all the leftovers, but it’s the most budget friendly and health conscience route. Plus, it’s a good excuse to host parties to try out new recipes, which you will find under Party HeartyIf you’re on a budget and hoping to transition to a healthier you, then this blog can help. Cheers to getting in the kitchen and cooking some delicious food, sharing stories and exchanging tips and tricks!