Vegan, Gluten & Dairy Free “Spaghetti” Squash Casserole

Busy work week? Who am I kidding…every week is crazy! No need to stress on lunches for the week with this gut healing and satisfying lunch option that will keep you energized and full for the long work week! Health Benefits: Vegan & Gluten-Free Crumbles. Great for those with food allergies and/or vegan but still […]

An enjoyable blog that provides an insight into Hanna's enchanting world is called A Day in Hanna's World. It's a location where warmth and simplicity abound, from the welcoming porches of the comfortable dwellings to the ritual of tea that brings comfort and at least two cats in every home. The blog documents moments from March 2023 and features thoughts, travels, and adventures by Hanna. It's a combination of travelogues and personal experiences, from contemplations on time passing and the excitement of a new year to brief travelogues featuring trips to Austria and the Finger Lakes. Hanna's World vows to keep providing engrossing stories and fascinating photographs, and they have plans to visit Barcelona and Lisbon soon.

Gluten-Free Stuffed Peppers with a Twist

My parents came to town and I had to think of a quick meal that could please the pickiest eater (a.k.a. my dad) and also allergy friendly for me and free of noodles and any fake dairy for my brother. This deconstructed stuffed pepper family meal is not only gluten and allergy friendly, it is […]

Ground Turkey, Quinoa “Pasta” Bake

Quinoa is a great alternative to gluten and carb filled pasta! I was graving something hearty and healthy and realized I didn’t have any noodles. I decided to give quinoa a chance and glad I did because now I have another go-to meal. This can feed an army or else you can save it for […]

Crock Pot Tex-Mex Spiced Chicken

Sprinkle some spices, turn on the crockpot and you’re halfway there to your delicious feast! I paired the chicken with sushi rice/cauliflower rice combo, guacamole and spinach. You could make a potato dish and salad. Whatever you fancy, just remember not to stress over your next hosting event! Crockpot Instructions: 4 hours on low and […]

Vegan, Gluten-Free Tofu Thai Peanut Curry

Do you have friends or family skeptical of Tofu? This is a great way to introduce them to the world of Tofu in the most delicious way! When I cook for my dad, I always leave out the ingredient list until after we eat because he’s difficult to please. Even dads will enjoy this curry! […]

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